Thursday, December 22, 2005

Seven help us

This is comics, by the way.

If you're like me, you simply cannot get enough Seven Soldiers. The second issue of Bulleteer came out this week, and cast the events of Seven Soldiers #0 into a whole new light. For starters, we find out who was meant to be the seventh member of Vigilante's posse, and we also learn that one of the six soldiers was a traitor (and it's NOT I, Spydor, so who knows what his deal is). Oh, and we learn what one, or possibly two more of the seven lost treasures of Camelot are.

The amount of thought that's gone into this work is scary. Not just on the interconnections between the miniseries on a strictly plot level, but also in the interlocking themes and metatextual commentary. Granted, metatextual commentary is nothing new for Grant Morrison (it's even in New X-Men, where Phoenix was ultimately the Marvel Universe's "author"), but how does he make it so damn intoxicating every time?

If you really want to dive into Seven Soldiers, this series of annotations is where it's at. Detailed breakdowns of each issue, along with a character, location, and interconnection guide. So it was Ali Ka-Zoom in Shining Knight #2. I had wondered about that.


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