Monday, December 05, 2005

Zombie weekend

The vast majority of my time this weekend was spent shooting a zombie show pilot for my friends Meredith and Ethan, along with the Psychic Bunny kids. I play a janitor, so I feel my acting hobby has really come full circle, since I played a janitor in my first actual play in school back in seventh grade. Ah, Ghost of a Show. You were terrible.

Anyway, while it was time consuming, it was also a lot of fun. The cast is all really talented, funny, and pleasant to be around, which is always a plus, and most of the stuff I shot this weekend just involved me being in the background. I got to come up with weird, funny shit to do. Even if none of it makes it into the show, it filled the time nicely. Particularly the shot where Frank and I were paired together and we got to just improv insane conversations for an hour. Unfortunately I made Frank break character for one take. I can't even remember what I said. Wait, I think it might have been when I told him that I carved my own marionettes and put on puppet shows at my house.

There are a couple of actual high schoolers in the cast. This one girl is 16. That means she is 10 YEARS YOUNGER THAN I AM. I am ancient. Fortunately several members of the cast are older than I am, so it works out.


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