Monday, February 27, 2006

My weekend and yours

Friday night was a good old-fashioned movie night, as Emory and I watched three films (one of which was watched with Mike).

First was Sky High, which proved to be pretty charming and funny, if completely formulaic in its plotting. If I were twelve, I could see it becoming one of my favorite films.

Then Mike came over and we watched Pulse (aka "Ghostpocalypse"), a J-horror movie that's being remade this summer. The trailer for the American version was cool enough that Emory rented the original, and it was creepy as all hell despite not making even one lick of sense. I mean, seriously. What's happening to everyone? What is the ghosts' master plan? If the ghosts are motivated by loneliness, why all that business about the capacity of the afterlife? Still, it made black smudges far more frightening than I ever dreamed they could be.

Mike left after that to go be swallowed up by some unspeakable horror as he walked home, so Emory and I watched Red Eye, which was dumb. I liked the part where Cillian Murphy headbutts Rachel McAdams, and that's about it.

Saturday night I stole Leslie's car (Shhhh, don't tell her) and went to my friend Morgan's brithday party. It was full of lesbians. And I got to see a few Oxy kids who I don't get to see that often, so that was a plus. Afterwards I headed over to Jenni's karaoke birthday in time to perform "Suddenly Seymour" with Laurel (Laurel does a funny Ellen Greene impression) and do "Dancing with Myself" by Kim's request (I hadn't seen Kim in FOREVER). Corinne was there too, so we decided to do "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," as in our youth. We got up to do it and the music started, but no words came up on the screen. Apparently the karaoke machine had chosen then to fritz out, but Corinne and I did the whole song FROM MEMORY because that's just how we roll.

Both days this weekend there was shooting going on in my apartment for a new Atrox short, and by Sunday afternoon I was starting to go a little stir crazy, cooped up as I was. I was a prisoner in my own home! Fortunately Lindsay called out of the blue to invite me and Frank to eat fondue at her house with Nell and Will so the whole day was saved. I stayed up too late and drank too much wine, which is a total departure from my usual behavior, but it was a really fine time. Lindsay's a generous soul.


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