Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stuff nerds talk about

TV, videogame movies, and comics, oh my!

On Robot Chicken the length of a bit is almost always inversely proportional to how funny it is. The longer the sketch, the less funny it becomes. The animation's really cool, though.

If you've never played the games, Silent Hill works as a hallucinagenic nightmare scape for its first 45 minutes or so, but it ultimately succumbs to plot concerns and over-explanation, which pretty much render the first wandering, aimless (and yet somehow most successful) sections of the movie moot. It's a bad movie, but at times it's fascinatingly bad. Could've done without the barb wire rape, though.

Looks like Seven Soldiers #1 has been pushed back AGAIN, this time to June 21st. You're killing me, Grant. I'm dying. In happier news, the last issue of Frankenstein hits today, and hopefully will be substantive enough to chew over for the next EIGHT WEEKS. Also, Scott Pilgrim Vol. 3 is at the printer's and should be out in May. Hurrah!


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