Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well, the 4th Mayday 24-hour Film Contest has come and gone. Well, the filmmaking portion, as least. The title this time around was the maddeningly vague 23. (I stated this weekend that I would like to one day achieve a sort of C-list celebrity that allows me to come up with the Mayday titles. And then each title I came up with would be a ridiculously specific series of events.) I'm pleased to report we were much more responsible with our time this year (it's only the 2nd time Team Atrox has been abel to participate), and we actually had our film in 40 minutes before the 24-hour mark. Then we all had IHOP.

I'm really pretty pleased with the movie. Kim delivers one line in a way that made everyone laugh hysterically every time they heard it, and we probably heard it about 50 times during the editing process. Naturally I can't really reveal the details in anticipation of the screening and all, but I will say that outrageous German accents are almost never unfunny. Also I really, really took one for the team.

Many thanks (yet again) to Kim, Nell, and Lindsay for helping out. Naturally it wouldn't have been nearly as good without them.


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