Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Listen, about Thanksgiving...

...it was rad.

On the big day Leslie, Mike and I headed over to Lindsay and Lisa's. Emory stayed home because he gets sick all the time. Leslie made some vegetables (thus ensuring I would not touch her food) and I brought soda and wine, because drinking those things is where I'm a Viking. A bunch of people showed up and we all ate a ton of delicious turducken and mashed potatoes and other things that you'd expect us to eat.

Mike had brought his N64 from when he had left it at Llama School during Emory's birthday, so we broke it out after the meal. I felt kind of bad about it, since I figured there would be several people who weren't really into it, but people seemed to enjoy themselves. Lindsay and Aimee tried their hands at Mario Kart, even. I screamed a lot and made a general ass of myself in the way that makes me wonder why I continue to have friends, but it was a good time, regardless.

Friday Paul came over and we watched Emory's Netflixed copy of The Dreamers. I thought it was so-so, but Emory hated it with a monstrous passion. I will say that the best thing about it is that Eva Green is naked for seriously about 2/3 of the movie. Listen, I'm sorry, but it was awesome.

In the afternoon we headed out to see The Fountain, which earns a big "meh" on the Jeff-o-meter. I could see someone utterly despising it, and even maybe a really obtuse person totally loving it, but it was strictly middle-of-the-road from my perspective. Just another example of Aaronofsky directing the shit out of a really, really simple core idea.

We probably watched something else that night. Maybe one of Emory's newly-puchased Bond films? Maybe A View to a Kill. Yeah, I think that was it. I wandered off in the middle of it. But later Paul and I headed over to Aimee's for some hot Wii action. Wii Sports is FUN as HELL. Did you know that I am better at tennis than Aimee? I cite the evidence that Wii Sports has provided me. I also beat Paul at boxing, so I figure that means I could take him in an actual fist fight. That's what that means, right? Mike also broke out the new Zelda game which is pretty awesome. Truman Capote urges you to save Hyrule! And deal with the monkey problem! Those monkeys are simply awful.

Saturday Paul, Corinne, Aimme and I played some four square organized by Ben, who has his own league and everything. Guy is IN to four square. But he's not a dick about it, so that's nice. I totally sucked ass the first game, but did well during the second, so wound up average overall. At one point between games Aimee and I were horsing around, playing soccer with the kickball, when Aimee knocked me down and made me eat shit. I fucked up my knee (internally and externally) and got this big red welt on my shoulder. It hurt like hell. I'm just writing this to make Aimee feel guilty.

After the game it was back to Llama School for Guitar Hero and Hot Wings, two great tastes that go great together. Aimee conked out on my floor so Paul dropped her off in my bed and the rest of us went to see Tenacious D. It was just as delightful as I'd remembered it, although they cut down the sweet car chase and excised the mini-Undeclared reunion between KG, Jason Segal, and Krumholtz. But they did add a completely awesome climactic rock-off with the Devil, so everything turned out okay.

Sunday I spend a good deal of the day going through my iTunes and excising Emory's music that he put on my computer way back in the day. I also added the several new CDs I've gotten over the last few weeks. Seems I always go CD crazy at the end of each year, and this one's no exception.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm just writing this to make Aimee feel guilty."

Mission accomplished.

And chances are you are probably better at tennis than me. Judging from your four square game you are very spry. Then you add your uber baseball hitting skills. There you have it. Jeff Stone, the next tennis legend.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

If my four square game proves anything, it's that I have trouble containing the thunder. My tennis serves would never be in-bounds.

My injuries have healed, by the way. By which I mean my knee doesn't hurt anymore.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Having watched fifteen minutes of The Dreamers one time on cable, I'll say what really caught me off guard was how much of the nudity was interrupted by gratuitous old movie clips. The tagline should have been, "Sort of like a long, unfunny episode of Dream On."

I'm glad your Thanksgiving was good, full of the requisite food and injury. I missed you guys.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

"Sort of like a long, unfunny episode of Dream On."

So what you meant was "an episode of Dream On."

Whoa! Major slam on Dream On out of nowhere!

5:01 PM  

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