Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Singing and marriage and college and the like

I sang again this past weekend, with the splinter group from Chorale, LAVA, at my friend Ann's wedding. It was nice to sing again, and it was particularly great to do it in honor of Ann's marriage. I was worried that my voice would be shot, having not done choral singing in over a year(!) opting instead for bombastic karaoke, but it was really easy to get back into the normal routine. I had sort of a weird feeling during the whole reception. I was seated at a table with Corinne, and my old Oxy friends Rachel and Heather plus their husband and boyfriend, respectively, and it was a little class of '02 reunion. It's weird, because they still react to me like it's still 1998, and I've just been held in stasis this whole time. Not even how I was senior year, but me as a freshman. You'd think the thought of me acting differntly EIGHT YEARS LATER wouldn't be such a shock. But while you might not think it by reading this, it was nice to see them again.

Man, Ann's married. She was president of the Glee Club when I was started at Oxy, and we wound up having a friendship that could modestly be called eventful. But I'm glad it worked out, and I'm glad that she's happy.


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