Monday, November 06, 2006

Three days of adventures

Friday night was Bregan and Ben's housewarming party, so a contingent of us met up at their charming apartment in Culver City. It was a pretty signigicant PHS party, now that Danny and Ben are around. The party pretty neatly split along our group and Bregan's co-workers, but that was all right. I know plenty of people as it is.

The next day Kim and I lay around the apartment, watching some Arrested Development and playing some Ultimate Alliance. In the evening we all headed over to Frank's place, since it was his birthday and he is an old, withered man now. It was a smaller gathering, which was pretty nice, then we headed over to the Mann 6 to catch Borat, which was the funniest thing that ever funnied. Afterwards we went back to Frank's where discussion turned to whether or not (and to what degree) Pam Anderson was in on the joke. What do you, the viewers at home think?

Sunday Kim had to take off early to go to a meeting, so I spent a chunk of the afternoon unlocking various things in Ultimate Alliance (hello, Black Panther and Spider-Man's black costume!) before heading over to Mike's for the Episode I Rifftrax. Woo-ee, that was a good 'un. You'd think that Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy making fun of the outrageous Asian accents on those aliens would grow old, but YOU'D BE WRONG. I hadn't seen Episode I in its entirety since the theater, and WHOA MAN is that movie dull as hell. Seriously so, so boring. Almost stupefyingly so. Lucas certainly showed the basics of narrative a thing or two when he made that one, yes indeed.

After that it was time for bed, except I stayed up another hour playing more Ultimate Alliance. I don't think I'll be able to rest until I've unlocked the Silver Surfer. Stupid video game.


Anonymous Leslie said...

I heard she was, since she had worked with SBC before... Is there evidence to the contrary?

4:42 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

No. We came to the conclusion that she was in on it.

4:55 PM  

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