Monday, October 30, 2006

I have ceased to function

'Twas a fine weekend, all told.

Friday night Kim came over, but she started feeling ill so I left her on the couch to recuperate while I droppped in at Danny and Katherine's housewarming party. They're in a duplex, and that place is NICE. Also, their dog is adorable. It was a very nice, low-key time. I wound up staying later than I meant to, since it looked like the party was wrapping up and then a few of us got into yet another discussion. But I came home to find Kim dead asleep on the couch, the Arrested Development DVD menu playing over and over. Aw.

The next day I went and got Kim some stuff from the store, and we spent the afternoon finishing off the second season of Arrested. FACT: Franklin = comedy gold. Early in the evening Kim had to drag herself off to a meeting with Jenni and Heath about their super-cool project, so I was left by myself. Frank picked me up and we had dinner at Baja Fresh, and also ran into John Ross there, so we all ate together. Neighborhood! Frank and I headed home and watched BSG and then were at a bit of a loss at what to do next. Then Paul showed up, bearing a belated birthday gift: Marvel Ultimate Alliance (think X-Men Legends, only with the entire Marvel universe), so we played that on into the night. That game is great. You fight MODOK! And before you fight him he subjects you to a science trivia quiz! I'm not even kidding! Suffice to say, I played a bit more of the game on Sunday, both before and after the softball game. Kim even played with me once she woke up on Sunday. I've managed to unlock Dr. Strange, Blade, and Ghost Rider as playable characters. It is a delightful nerd experience.

There was also the big softball game on Sunday, and even though at first we weren't sure we'd have enough people, it turned out fine. We just had to have a member of the batting team play catcher. The first game was pretty evenly matched, even though my team (with Doug as captain) ultimately trounced John's crew. The second game was much more unbalanced, since Kenneth picked players to win, and Kevin picked players who weren't quite such monsters on the field. It was still a good time, even though I ran myself ragged in the outfield. I did well at bat, too. I think I was only out once, and even that time I got an RBI. I even hit one home run, even though there were no runners on base at the time. But it was cool because, y'know, HOME RUN. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I hope we do this pretty regularly. Big thanks to Aimee for organizing the field and everything.

Of course today I am almost immobile. I give my legs commands and they do other things. And I have sweet bruises on both my legs. Fortunately the hand I thought I jammed yesterday during a rather embarassing collapse at home plate seems to be doing fine now. Small favors.


Blogger jenni_powell said...

Dude. I am so tired today. But I broke far fewer nails then I thought I would and I got to scream and hit balls at Doug's head a lot. So yeah...awesome time!

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Frank said...

I'm pretty proud that I was able to supply all the answers to that science quiz, even the one about what percentage of the earth's atmosphere consists of oxygen. I think you all know whom to call next time you have to fight a killer supercomputer. Also, my retractable claws are AWESOME.

4:20 PM  

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