Tuesday, October 17, 2006

That new fall season don't stop

Veronica Mars - A solid, if not especially miraculous beginning to the new season. I like the new additions to the cast, especially Piz, whose crush on Veronica is already extremely amusing. It should be noted that I spent half of the 2nd episode thinking "Hey, they brought Samm Levine back!" only to remember that he'd never been on the Mars before, and that I was thinking of those episodes of Undeclared.

Top Model - It's as if the producers decided to reward me for dumping adorable pixie Megan early on, so they're systematically removing all the girls I don't like. This week Megg, the week before, Monique. Thanks, show! With Monique gone, Melrose has settled into the villain role, although just an annoying villain, as opposed to an evil-and-possibly-mentally-deranged villain like Monique was. I actually like a good amount of the girls this go-round, including AJ, Brooke, Amanda, and Michelle. And Caridee has grown on me. Really, Brooke won my heart forever when on the Next Episode blurb she chirpily asked Janice Dickison "Why are you so bitchy?" Ha! Man, I can't stand Janice.

Studio 60 - Has now settled into a groove I will describe as "pleasant." Some nice moments here and there, but little to write home about. If I really wanted to put in the effort, I could make a significant list of this show's problems, but I don't dislike it enough to be bothered. It's a perfectly serviceable entertainment for me.

Heroes - Kicking ass and taking names. Claire gets revenge! Future Hiro! Ali Larter in her underwear! Some of our titular heroes actually meet! Claire's dad has his own superguy! Things are heating up nicely.

The Wire - I'm loving this season as expected, but there have been several instances where the writers get a bit too obvious with what they're getting at. There have been an awful lot of mirrored lines and scenes between citizens and dealers. Dear writers, when you've got Clay Davis saying the exact same thing as an eigth grader did earlier in the episode, you are being too on-the-nose. We've been with you up until this point. You don't need to start talking down to us now. Still, it's a minor niggle. The show still rules.


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