Monday, October 16, 2006

At long last

Only nine days away! And only eight months late!

The question remains how crazy-dense this book going to be. I mean almost every page of this brief preview is just pure info-dump, albeit awesome, illuminating infodump (a list of all seven treasures plus the origin of the Sheeda and the origin of Aurakles and knowledge of Alix's lineage!). And even the brief page of actual story is rad as hell. I mean, "Gloriana! There is ONE!"? I'm not made of stone, here, people. That's just awesome.

I really can't imagine a single comic issue that I've waited so long for, so naturally there are some high expectations. This preview does little to dash them.

Did I mention the climax to Planetary also comes out that same day? It's like Christmas.


Anonymous Frank said...

I'm so excited! I guess I need to read the issues I've yet to borrow from you. Also, I may need to flip back through some of the previous issues as a refresher; although, I think I remember things surprisingly well. I sort of love this series, and it's intricacy encouraged very careful reading and re-reading from the beginning.

I'm also very excited for Planetary to conclude, although I still will probably wait for the collection. (I think I've read exactly half of the series, whatever's collected in Absolute ... Vol. One.)

1:59 AM  

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