Friday, October 13, 2006

An exercise in futility

This kind of speculation, no matter how idle, strikes me as silly. Sure, the Wild Card books are about people in the "real world" getting superpowers. Of course there's already another TV show on right now that covers the same ground (Go, 4400, go!) And in comics, there was the "New Universe" back in the 80's. Or more recently, Rising Stars, Supreme Power, and the upcoming newuniversal. Oh, and the X-Men.

You do ANY concept with superheroes, then it's already been done, trust me. No one on Heroes has an original superpower. Yes, even the guy who paints the future.

What matters is the story that's told with them, and at this point Heroes is doing just fine. Nothing particularly original, but all very solid. If you want to point out how unoriginal some of the core concepts of Heroes are, then you'll be at it all day. Best to just kick back and enjoy.


Blogger Alan said...

I have to agree with you re: Heroes. It's not particularly original and a lot of the performances are downright cringe-worthy (I'm looking at you, Peter Pitrelli). That being said, it's plotting along at a pretty good clip and I'm with it, so far.

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