Friday, October 27, 2006

The dead walk

Last night Meredith and the Bunnies hosted an at-long-last screening of Zombie High at the Derby. Despite passing by it more times than I can count (it was on the direct route from Glendale to Hollywood), I had never actually been, and it was very nice indeed. The party took place in the back room and was VERY well-attended. Pretty much everyone from the Zombie High shoot was there, and I hadn't seen those kids in forever. The moment I arrived Asa gave me crap for wearing my Flash T-shirt under my jacket, which I hadn't actually done in months and months, so I told him to suck it, and maybe go harass Paul, who wears that astronaut T-shirt under a jacket like every other day. But later it was pointed out to me that the last time I wore that outfit was at the Zombie High cast party, so it basically looked like I just had one set of clothes. Classy!

ANYWAY, Zombie High turned out really well, I thought, especially considering how much they had to cut out to get it down to a reasonable, half-hour length. The performances were great all around, but I think Alexandra rocked it the hardest. She's great. The Bunnies also showed their new reel, which had quite a few additions since their last one, including a bit from that Firefox spec ad I was in. Their business has grown by leaps and bounds, and that's incredibly cool.

I was also reminded how completely shitty I am at small talk with people I don't know very well. I like all those kids from ZH, but almost all my conversations with them ended with me kind of looking down at the ground and shuffling off. It's not that I hate you folks! I'm just shy and awkward! Clearly I should have drank more.

By the end of the night Kim and I were pretty much dead on our feet, and Laurel was nice enough to give us a ride to and from the Derby. When we got home we pretty much just collapsed into bed and were soon joined by Odin and Inky. Kitty cuddle-fest-a-go-go. Or something.


Blogger jenni_powell said...

Don't talk about you and my sister's doings with cats on a public forum! Gross! ;)

It was good to see you guys last night. I had a really good time.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all becoming clear now. You're starting to dress like Paul so that I get confused and go home with you. For shame Stone.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Aww, I miss the kitties.

9:31 AM  

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