Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Outrunning fireballs and other weekend activities

Friday night Kim came over and we headed to El Compadre for John's birthday party. Mmm, El Compadre is delicious. Then a few of us headed to the Arclight to catch The Marine starring WWE champ John Cena. It was NUTS. At first it's just a perfect emulation of a ridiculous 80's action movie, but when that gets old it just starts getting weird. Rock candy, folks. That's all I have to say. Anyway, John Cena outruns no less than four fireballs in this film, and does some swell wrestling moves on dudes who try to take him on. Also, he runs and runs and runs through a forest. They shot that forest-running footage and by God, they were going to use it! Anyway, thumbs up.

Saturday I spent most of the day at Paul's working on the new Atrox short. Perhaps you should go watch it. Then Paul and the others went to the Roller Derby while I stayed at home. But Mike called to see if I wanted to watch the Rifftrax of Point Break, so that's what I did. Frank showed up before the movie ended, so when it was over Mike, Trumbo, Frank and I busted out the N64 and played Mario Kart and Goldeneye late into the night. Then Mike and Frank came over to Llama School and we watched the new episodes of the Mars and The Office. I was up until like 4 AM. That's how to do a Saturday!

Sunday was spent working on the Atrox short, then the usual Wire/Adult Swim viewing shenanigans. Oh, 12 oz Mouse. "I didn't think there'd be so many harmonicas." No one could have known how many harmonicas there would be, Square.


Blogger Hollywood said...

I have an aversion to Rock Candy for much the same reason. But insert Paul in the camp counselor role.

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