Monday, October 23, 2006

Dead to the world

Between the apartment cleaning, the party, and Knott's Scary Farm, this weekend WORE ME OUT.

Of course this should be obvious to everyone, since I conked out so early at the party. Although the whiskey probably helped. And I was up too late last night so I'm exhausted, and I think the Ghostrider at Knott's gave me some sort of permanent neck injury.

But it was a fine weekend indeed. The apartment is cleaner than it's probably ever been. The Prestige is a fine entertainment, if perhaps a bit too long. I liked it better than The Illusionist, certainly. And Knott's was a good time, even though we never did get into the Grudge maze. Lots of monsters tried to spook Kim, since she looks like an easy mark, but she's an old hat at this and I don't think I saw her jump even once. Aimee was not so stoic and immediately picked up a hanger-on like two secons after we walked in the park. Don't show them weakness, Aimee! It's what they want! I think the highlight of the evening was when two monsters scared each other in one of the mazes. Good times.

I just spilled water all over myself. I'm pretty out of it, you guys.


Anonymous Frank said...

You just consider yourself LUCKY you didn't make it into the Grudge maze, because in that case you would've picked up a little meowing boy hanger-on who would be crouching under your desk right now. And he DOES NOT LIKE having water spilled on him.

4:07 PM  

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