Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Belated weekend extravaganza

Blogger's being kind of a dick today, so hopefully this will all work out.

This past Friday a few folks came over for a game night at Llama School. A game night, it turned out, that consisted of only one heated game of Apples to Apples. But everyone should remember that Emory bought Mall Madness! Game Night part deux, perhaps. After Apples to Apples (which lasted awhile, since we were above A2A capacity), we broke out the Guitar Hero, because it's what all the kids crave. Emory and I made sure to demonstrate how freaking insanely difficult "Cowboys from Hell" is. That song is my Waterloo. Leslie's old KC friend Sarah was in town, and folks were in high spirits, so it was a good time.

During both days over the weekend Emory watched all the NFL playoffs, and I joined him when I was around. I'm so sick of the damn Patriots.

Saturday night was Amanda's annual Wine and Cheese Party, held in her soon-to-be-moved-out-of apartment. It was the usual good time, and I got a chance to wear my new fancy shirt, which received many compliments. I bought it myself! I'm an adult! Later that night Laurel and I decided to date like normal people, because we are strict conformists.

Sunday was four square day, and Laurel was a good sport and came out, which was a good thing since everyone else didn't and it was just me, Laurel, Ben and two kids I didn't know (I guess they were there the last time). It was fun though, even when I sucked ass the second game.

That's basically it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed your fancy shirt. I'm not sure if I complimented you on it though. You looked dashing.

3:15 PM  

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