Thursday, January 04, 2007

A variety of musings

I know updating has been sporadic lately. I'm trying to update more regularly, mostly to dispel the notion that I have nothing to talk about when all my shows are repeats.

Did I mention my close call in Denver? When I was flying home from KC I was due to go through Denver, which naturally meant that snow started falling there again. All the morning flights were cancelled, but my afternoon flight was still a go. But once we touched down in Denver I had a message from the airline saying they had rescheduled my flight to LA for the FOLLOWING MORNING. Suffice to say, I was not pleased. But once I actually got off the plane, they said that the connection was just at another gate and everything was fine. And it was! Sort of an anti-climax, I suppose, but at least I got to LA okay. Plus, when I got to LAX I had a message from Frank that he was going to Sam's that night, and Sam's is pretty close to the airport, so Frank was able to pick me up and we ate a delicious dinner at Sam's place.

New Year's at Frank's was a good time. Just about all my favorite people were there, and the alcohol flowed freely. One of the better New Year's parties I've experienced out here. And Nelson showed up!

Laurel's birthday was Tuesday, and we made our usual excursion to Big Wang's. Happy birthday to her, and I greatly look forward to the Pirate Adventure on Saturday. Since I was flush with Christmas cash, I could actually afford it! Hooray!

There's a new Atrox comic. Read it!


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