Saturday, October 09, 2004

"Say hello to man's new best friends..."

Emory just got the first collection of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, and reading that reminded me that I wanted to re-read the first issue of We3.

This is just how it's done, people. It's simply mesmerizing. While Morrison is often critisized, occasionally correctly, for writing stories that make no sense, We3 is very straight-forward. Simply, a dog, a cat and a rabbit who have been turned into weapons of war by the government escape their imprisonment before they are dismantled, and the army sets forth to hunt them down. Easy peasy. Oh, and awesome.

This is probably my favorite art Quitely's ever done. The expression on Bandit's (the dog) face as he speaks to the Senator are just heartbreaking. He looks so sad that the Senator won't answer his greeting. (The Senator is naturally horrified by a cybernetic talking dog.) Then there is the escape sequence. Six straight pages of eighteen panels each. Tight, constricted. Many close-ups. The animals patiently waiting. The scientists closing in for the kill. The animals racing through the halls of the lab, destroying almost everything in their path. And then freedom as they hit the outdoors in a gorgeous two-page spread depicting our heroes sailing into the night sky. Bring me a comic released this month that's been half as visually daring. I dare you.

So, y'know, I'm looking forward to issue 2.

Oh, and Doom Patrol is great, too. Can't wait to read the second volume of that, either. Watch out for those Scissormen!


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