Thursday, October 21, 2004

Slow news day

Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday (I know you all were begging and pleading for yet another comic book-related diatribe), but Blogger wouldn't let me log on last night or earlier this morning. Blogger is my enemy.

But I also didn't have much to say yesterday because my birthday was pretty boring. Really dull day at work, talked to my parents, talked to my sister, ordered a pizza, went over to Sam's and hung out with the Northwestern kids. Made a potentially embarassing phone call which turned into a potentially-less-embarassing message leaving.

I'm pleased to report that I can go to a function consisting solely of Frank's friends and not sit in sullen silence in the corner like I did at the first few parties he took me to. I actually feel comfortable around them! Awwww, togetherness.

Bizarre connection of the night: Frank's friend Ben (I am now panicking that Ben is not his name) went to high school with my old college chum Morgan Matson. Ha! Morgan was my old fake-arch-nemesis until she left and was replaced by Morgan Price. Why is it all my fake-arch-nemeses are named Morgan? How Arthurian of me.

Not a bad birthday, all told.


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