Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tales from the Weekend

For our purposes, "the weekend" will be defined so as to include Thursday. Also, this post is of considerable length.

Thursday night I was barely home an hour before I had to turn around and drive out to Frank's place. Paul's sister Ilah was in town, and we all went out to dinner. I hadn't seen Ilah since high school, so it had been roughly 150 years since I had laid eyes on her. She's out in Boston working for a jeweler nowadays. After dinner we went back to Paul's place where I auditioned for Paul and Frank to be in Frank's play, "Forget My Chrome Embrace" (it's about fan fiction!). It's the smallest part in a three-person show, and I hadn't done any acting in awhile so I figured what the hell. Anyway, they gave me the part. Cool beans! I haven't acted in a trillion years. Good times. And it was good to see Ilah again. It occurs to me now that of my core group of PHS friends, I'm the only one without a younger sibling. Except for Matt, of course, but he's one of those spoiled "only children" I've read so much about in racy periodicals. Paul and Ilah also informed Frank and me that another of our old high school friends, Ashley, was in town visiting her siblings Bregan and Drew, who both had recently reappeared on our collective friendship radar within the past year (which just means that we finally realized that they lived in LA and that we should hang out). Anyway, circumstances prevented us from seeing that brood Thursday evening, so we pledged to meet up during the weekend.

On Friday I was still deciding whether or not I was going to go to San Francisco with Leslie, Emory, and Asa. Since I didn't particularly feel like driving all night and had pledged to see Ashley at some point, I opted not to go. Plus it was nice to have the apartment to myself, however breifly. Anyway, as I was getting off work Paul called me to invite me to go get giant pizza with him, Ashley, Bregan, Drew, and Frank. I agreed and Paul said he would call a bit later with the details. Three hours later I called Frank to see what he was doing in the interim before pizza. As it turns out he was ALREADY OVER AT DREW AND BREGAN'S EATING DELICIOUS GIANT PIZZA! Paul had FORGOTTEN TO CALL ME because he IS A JERK IN THE FACE! What an asshole. Anyway, I hightailed out to West LA. Then we went down to the Santa Monica Pier and played Skee Ball. Between the too-expensive arcade and the near-gale force winds coming in from the ocean, it would be tough to describe the night's activities as a "good time." But still, it was nice to see Bregan and Ashley again. After the pier Frank ran off to hang out with some other friend of his who was in town, and we went back to Casa del Hubbard to watch "Resident Evil: Apocalypse." It wasn't as bad as I remembered it. It was worse. I fell asleep, finally roused myself during the film's "climax" (the part where Milla Jovovich fights Operation: Zombie That Can Use a Gun), and slipped off before the movie ended.

On Saturday I decided to get some work done on my upcoming DVD review for SMRT-TV. Which meant watching a bunch of episodes of The Wire, reading many pages of a book about The Wire, and looking for interviews online with the creators of The Wire. A Wire sort of day, one might say. Anyway, I did a bunch of research, got a bunch of good quotes, scribbled a bunch of ideas down, and then didn't write a damn word because I am Lazy McLazyass. Ashley called to invite me to a barbeque she and her siblings were having, but I was actually doing research at the time and didn't go. That evening Paul and Frank came over and we all had delicious lasagna at Matt's place as prepared by Andrea. Mmm, that was some good lasagna. Paul, Frank, and Matt talked play stuff (Matt's going to be the production designer) and I read some more Seven Soldiers. Frank wouldn't stop nuzzling the Zatanna cover. Also, the new title of that cover is Zatanna in: Bunny Trouble. There was the possibility of playing poker with Jenni, but since I discovered earlier that day that I only had $.59 in my bank account, I opted to go with Frank to this party he invited me to. The party was Santa Monica theater people and Frank's Northwestern friends that I knew, so it was a fun, if low-key, time. I got home around 1 and decided to watch one of the Veronica Mars episodes that was in my baglog. I fell asleep on the futon, Odin curled up next to me.

At about 4 AM Sunday I woke up on the futon and got up to get in my bed. Odin woke up too, but I left him curled up on the futon. Once I was in bed and the lights were out, Odin ran into my room and lept up onto my chest. He began batting at my nose with his muffin-paws and sticking his nose into my eyelids. "No, Odin," I said. "It's time for more sleep. You should sleep, too." He stopped batting at me and began incessantly fiddling with my blinds. Finally, I had to throw him out of the room. He returned five hours later and did it all again. This time I woke up and let him jump up on my window sill. This satisfied him. Stupid cat. That afternoon Matt and I met up with Paul, Frank, and the Hubbard clan in Chinatown. We meandered a bit and bought those little gunpowder popping things. I threw one that hit Ashley in the back and it left a huge scorch mark on her white sweater. I felt really bad. Paul just kept throwing them at Matt's feet to make him dance, because, as established earlier, Paul is a jerk. Our crew split up in the early evening to fulfill various obligations, but met up later, sans Matt, at some bar in west LA. I schooled Ashley and Paul in air hockey, but was then vanquished by Drew. Ashley came with Paul, Frank and I to the Apple Pan for dinner, and then we met up with Drew at some bar whose name I can't remember (Bregan wasn't feeling well.) Frank was supposed to buy me a drink, but the bar was cash only, and then Frank couldn't find an ATM, and then when he did find an ATM he couldn't remember his new PIN number, so Drew ended up buying all the drinks, much to Frank and I's embarassment. It was nice of him. We got a bit drunk and then Paul drove me and Frank back to Frank's place where my car was. I stayed up too damn late again. I got NO SLEEP the whold damn weekend. Stupid cats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Every morning, Odin bats at the blinds because he wants to get on the window sill.

If he could talk, he would say "Blinds! Open the blinds! Open! Open! Open the blinds! Open! Blinds! Blinds! The blinds! Open them! Blinds! Open the blinds! I want them open! The blinds! Blinds! Open! The blinds!"


3:12 PM  
Blogger jenni_powell said...

Well, it's nice to see that you didn't completely forget about me but wait, what did you call Paul for not calling you? I think it was A JERK IN THE FACE! A bit like calling the kettle black, don't you think?

Ah, I kid because I care...

4:40 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I never said I wasn't a hypocrite. I'm bad at remembering to call people.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Frank said...

I'm pleased to report that I have now learned my PIN number.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Thank God! While I felt dumb about mooching off of Drew, I have abosolutely no problem mooching of of you.

2:19 PM  

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