Friday, December 30, 2005


So now that I'm back from KC I apparently have nothing to say to you.

I spent most of Wednesday traveling, and for once was not the last passenger to be dropped off in the Super Shuttle. Go, Hollywood! I arrived home to find that the cats and rats were all still alive, and that the apartment was no more a disaster than when Leslie and Emory left it (of course, they left it as a complete and total disaster, so I'm not sure I could tell if the cats had been wrecking stuff, anyway).

Last night I played poker over at Jenni's, and managed not to completely embarass myself while still losing all my money. I did manage to essentially knock out Doug, so that was okay, but then I went all in when I had a pair of kings after the flop, and Jenni called with her own king, but I had a jack kicker and she had an eight, so I felt okay. Then the turn was an eight. Then the river was ANOTHER EIGHT. Odds-wise, I made the right call. In reality, it sucked. Oh well.

Emory returns today or tonight sometime, so that'll be nice. Normally I like some alone time in the apartment, but the new place is still sort of weird and unfamiliar and remote, so some company will be nice. Paul just called a few minutes ago, and immediately got off the phone when he found out I was at work. Paul, it's okay. Half my department's gone today, including my supervisor, and there's almost nothing to do. I've spent the day reading critical comic analysis, with an emphasis on Seven Soldiers. Scintillating!


Blogger jenni_powell said...

That was just shitty luck Jeff, seriously. I was SO freaked out when you turned over that K, J. I was all ready to double you up. But those poker Gods, they are tricky ones and I'd sacrificed a virgin to them that morning so, you know...

We still had fun though, it was good to have you there!

2:55 PM  

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