Friday, February 10, 2006

I guess I should post something

You do come to read stuff here in your might thousands, after all.

I've been busy at work and I think I'm coming down with something (good thing I wasn't planning on drinking at all this weekend... oh, wait), thus no posting.

I haven't even done anything interesting this week. I guess last night Mike and Paul came over since we've formed a team to compete in this Pop Culture trivia quiz thing for VH1 that Mike found. Mike had this quiz book that we went through. We are not good at questions dealing with stuff that happened before we were born.

Uh... what else? This week's Galactica was better than last week's, certainly, but wasn't anything to write home about. It was solid. The Office and My Name is Earl continue to be good times. 24 is still in there. Haven't watched Veronica Mars or Lost yet, although I hear the flashback on Lost this week is weak. There's a shocker.


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Saluti dall'Italia.

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