Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shame in the internet age

I've been meaning to tell you this story for ages, since I first heard about it over Christmas, but it's day-after-Valentine's appropriate, so here we are.

My sister knows several couples who have met through internet dating services. They're popping up more and more. One of my sister's best friends from high school met her fiancee online. But get this: the couple is embarassed about how they met, so they developed a cover story that they met in person at a bookstore! And this is the story they'll be telling friends and family who come to their wedding! That's just hysterical. Whether they will tell their children the truth or not is TBD. I am also really interested in crashing that wedding to shout "They met on the internet!" in the middle of the service. Oh, internet. Why are you still taboo?

Still, I can't really see myself using the internet to meet people. Now I know that I'm not exactly catnip for the ladies, despite what several of my friends with rapidly-dimming memories of my college expoilts will tell you. And it's not like I'm out cruising the bars every night. But it's still not an option I've considered. But who knows what the glorious digital future will bring?


Blogger Paul said...

I've heard about that sort of thing quite a bit actually. I think it's a full fleged modern phenomenon. Somebody needs to coin a clever turn of phrase for it ASAP.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Lindsay said...

In NYC, it's a fully acceptable, shame-free way of meeting people. I don't know why it hasn't really travelled westward, at least the shame free part. I met my ex-boyfriend through online dating, and we were together a year. I mean, we didn't get married or anything, but i'm certainly glad we dated, he's great. You should totally try it. It's fun. and even if you don't meet your future fiance, you end up with GREAT stories of all the bad dates you go on, and a couple of stories about the good ones :)

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Internet dating is bad news. It invariably leads to awkward, painful situations.

Wait, maybe that applies to dating in general.

Wait, maybe it's just me.

Carry on.


12:14 AM  

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