Friday, February 10, 2006

And now, a post about comics

I know that some of you out there do read comics, despite people like Lindsay constantly saying "You post so much about comics and Galactica! Blargh!"*, so let me take a moment to recommend the insanely entertaining Dave's Long Box, a site that regularly reviews bad/hysterical comics, like today's offering: Guy Gardner: Warrior #42, in which the titular hero wakes up to find himself gender-reversed:
The story, let’s get back to the story. Guy wakes up as a girl – a buxom, wasp-waist female version of himself. He receives an invitation to a trap – a fashion show that Dementor has taken over. The shapeshifting villain is holding all the models hostage, and will kill them unless…

Unless the sex-changed Guy Gardner shows up and puts on a private fashion show for Dementor, parading around in skimpy outfits.

That’s a sentence I never thought I would have to write in my life, ever.
Ah, only in comics. I can't imagine why most people don't take the medium seriously. There are scans of the book at the link, should you wish to witness the carnage.

It's a good site, too. Dave's enthusiasm (or disdain) for this stuff is infectious.

*I'm exaggerating. Lindsay only says "Blargh!", like, 30 percent of the time.


Anonymous Lindsay said...

well then. I followed the link and read Dave's entire post, and rather enjoyed it. I'm quite proud of myself. Even though it was really making fun of it instead of appreciating it.

i don't really dislike comics, i just don't looooooove them like you guys do. Part of the reason could stem from the time you made me wait in front of your apartment for 30 minutes by myself while you, leslie, and frank were at the comic store......ooooooh. :) I like Daniel Clowes books and Crumb. that counts, right?

also, i have to comment about how gardner-as-woman was CRAZY looking. i mean, jesus, her breasts could kill you---pointy, shiny, bigger than her freaking head. WEIRD.


8:19 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

About the waiting-outside-our-apartment thing, I can't reiterate enough how that was all Leslie and Erika's fault.

As for the dodgy art on Gardner, I can only say that it was a superhero comic from the 90's, and very few mediums have seen a nadir as dark and deep as the one superhero books saw in the 90's. Not that there isn't still art like that nowadays, but it's a lot better overall.

11:20 AM  

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