Monday, February 13, 2006

Mock Trial with J. Reinhold!

Ah, Arrested Development. You'll be missed.

What'd I get up to the last few days? Friday night Adam, Liz, and Mike came over and we played Balderdash, a game I hadn't played in years and that it turns out I am very bad at, as evidenced by my dismal, last-place showing. Then Adam and Liz left and Paul, Aimee, and Lindsay came over and I got my dignity back playing Trivial Pursuit: Pop Culture Edition. When we stopped, I was tied with Mike for first. Then Mike had to go to a movie so the rest of us went over to Boardner's to meet up with Frank and Jess.

When we got to the bar, there was a LINE. Stupid Hollywood bars. While we were waiting, Zoe, Sarah, and 2nd John Ross showed up, so we all huddled outside on the sidewalk for twenty minutes. The best was when this middle-aged guy came out to smoke, saw us standing there, and started telling the bouncer to let us in. "They want to party! Let them in! Let 'em IN, DAWG!" It was funny. And we finally got in, meeting Frank, Jess, McKenna, and a host of others. I wound up spending too much at the bar considering I have no money, but I was glad I went. It's always a pleasure to see Jess.

I spent Saturday doing a bit of research for my upcoming SMRT-TV article (new issue out today!) and then I went and walked Runyon Canyon by MYSELF like an ADULT. It was damn smoggy. That night I walked over to Hollywood House (new name pending) for the Zombie High wrap party. I was only on-set for two days, so I only remember like three people's names. But it was still a good time.

I ended up crashing at the Hollywood House to be awakened the next morning by Corinne knocking on the door, looking for Asa to go to Runyon Canyon. I wound up joining them. I'm going to be SO FIT. Then I had lunch with Corinne and headed home, spending the remainder of the afternoon watching season 1 episodes of Star Trek: TNG with Paul, Leslie, Emory, and Erika, and eating cookies and cupcakes. We are hot young go-getters, yes we are.

I finally took off to meet Jess and Frank at Bossa Nova for dinner (a dinner I did not plan on actually eating, since I was full of cookies and cupcakes). We were waiting outside to be seated, but then Dan and Ryan called and said they would meet us, so we walked back to Frank's for a drink, came back down when the other guys called, and waited for a table again. And then Sam showed up! We did finally get dinner, and Sam and I shared an appetizer. Chicken wrapped in bacon + cream sauce = pure joy. And Frank and Jess let me have a bite of their steak. It was fantastic. Between all the back-and-forth and waiting for tables and service and whatnot, the "dinner" stage of the evening lasted three hours. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I was in good company.

Finally I said goodbye to Jess (did I mention it is always a pleasure to see her?) and headed home. Fine weekend.


Anonymous Lindsay said...

jeff has mad trivial pursuit skillz.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

Eh. I don't care about the re-naming anymore. It's in the lexicon. Who am I to change it?

Word Verification: fwitzo

"Hey man, you're a total fwizto! Eat it!"

4:31 PM  

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