Monday, June 05, 2006


Man, I can't even remember what I did Friday. Wait, yes I can. I went to Kim's new apartment in the Great White North. It's a swell apartment, yes it is.

Saturday some of us went to see Over the Edge at the cemetery, and it proved to be a perfectly enjoyable piece of early-80's alarmist cinema. And its soundtrack ROCKED ASS. Ilah was in town with her new husband, so it was nice to see them. Afterwards we headed to Laurel and Trumbo's for Trumbo's big birthday party. It was a good time. I am not adept at smoking weed. Frank fell asleep pretty soon after we got there, and there was some point where I was ready to leave but he was asleep, and then I fell asleep waiting for him to wake up. As a result, we were two of the last people to leave. Stupid sleep.

Sunday was a day of rotating houseguests, as Mike and Corinne came over in the early afternoon and after they'd left Frank and Lindsay showed up in the early evening. Then we drank at The White Horse.

This dull relating of a series of events has been brought to you by Monday morning!


Blogger Matt said...

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12:30 PM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Give me a break, dude! I was tired! I'd worked for, like, fourteen days in a row!

Also ... you smoked WEED?! I fall asleep for an hour and everyone around me turns into a hophead.

3:44 AM  

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