Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy birthday to me

DC's solicitations for October has three things that make me very happy indeed.

First and foremost, Seven Soldiers #1 has at last been resolicited. Finally, my soul can know peace.

And on the Morrison front, looks like his relaunch of The Authority starts that month, too. Sure, the Authority is pretty played out at this point, but if anyone could breathe life into it, I like to think it'd be Morrison. Plus the art is by Gene Ha, so in the very least it will be the prettiest book in all the land.

And finally, Planetary #26 will hit the stands, and Ellis has said that this is the big climax issue, with #27 serving as an epilogue to the series. Just to offer a little perspective on Seven Soldiers, Planetary started in 1998, which means it was originally supposed to wrap up by 2002 (it was bimonthly). So yeah, always happy to see a new issue of Planetary.

Woo! Comic Con!


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