Thursday, August 31, 2006


Yeah! Take that, readers! I bought several books yesterday. Here they are!

All Star Superman #5 - This book breaks the awesometer every damn time. It's just pure joy. And to add to the amusement, this book, drawn by notorious slow-poke Frank Quitely, just passed All Star Batman in terms of numbers of issues released. And since issue 5 of Batman isn't due until NOVEMBER, it's likely that Superman will have passed it by a few issues at that point. So I guess we have to assume that Jim Lee's had other stuff on his plate, since not only did Quitely just lap him, Batman's first issue was out LAST JULY, while Superman didn't appear until NOVEMBER. Yes, All Star Batman, a book that was supposed to have been out every six weeks, only managed to come out QUARTERLY, and it's schedule just got lapped by a notoriously late artist. That is just plain EMBARASSING. Add to that the fact that All Star Superman is the best superhero comic currently published, while All Star Batman is the reading equivalent of Frank Miller just farting in your face for 20 minutes straight, and it all gets even more ridiculous.

Anyway! Just thought I'd go off a bit about that.

X-Factor #10 - This book sagged a bit around issues 5 and 6, but has picked up considerably since then, and this issue was pretty great. Some funny bits in the middle (Watch out for Multiple Man when he's drunk, ladies) combined with a genuinely shocking twist at the end. The X-book that won't embarass you (and that actually comes out monthly, Mrrs. Whedon and Cassaday).

Batman #whatever - Morrison's Batman has thus far underwhelemed me. This was better than last issue, but still has yet to really rock my socks. It's solid enough, but when the same guy writes All Star Superman, the bar gets set a little higher, you know? Asa, what do you think? Are you feeling this one?

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 16: Deadpool - I skipped the last trade of this, "Silver Sable", because it seemed utterly missable. And since no mention of what occurred in that book comes up here, it seems I was right. This one's good, though. Spider-Man's dating Kitty Pryde and winds up teaming up with the X-Men to punch Ultimate Deadpool in the face. Reading this, I thought "Oh yeah, Bendis really used to rock my socks." There's just some great humor and dialogue in here. Peter's romance with Kitty was the best thing to happen to this book. So I'll just continue ignoring New Avengers (and pretty much every regular continuity Marvel title) and enjoy this, my superhero comfort food.

So that's that. Oh! Mark your calendars. October 25th is the day I'll go bankrupt. Here's what I want to purchase that comes out that week:

All Star Superman #6 (Grant Morrison!)
Batman #whatever (Grant Morrison!!!)
Seven Soldiers #1 (GRANT MORRISON!!!!! Also, FINALLY!)
Planetary #26 (2nd-to-last issue!)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier
The first collection of Ed Brubaker's Daredevil
Runaways Vol 6: Parental Guidance

Any of those would make a fine belated birthday gift. Specifically League, because it is expensive.


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