Thursday, August 31, 2006

What's been going on?

It occurs to me that you might not be totally up to date on all the mundane shit that's happening in my life!

Geez, what have I been up to lately that is post-worthy? Last weekend there was a fine BBQ (delicious!) and we saw Chinatown at the cemetery (excellent!), and we all hung out at Laurel's (socializing!*) and then people came over for that Deadwood finale (well-acted but somewhat unsatisfying!). Did I already talk about all this? I'm completely losing my shit.

Had dinner with Kim on Monday, which was nice. Tuesday night Frank, his friend Kristen, Brooke, Paul and I went to Spaceland to see Darren's band perform. It's not "Darren's band" like he's in charge of it or anything, but he plays keyboards. They did a good set, and Chandler was there, and afterwards I chatted with Darren and Amy. Hadn't seen those kids in forever. Last night Mike brought his N64 over with Goldeneye and Frank swung by and we played games for a bit and read comics and stuff. We are totally in our late-mid-twenties! These are the salad days! I'm not even kidding.

(*In this instance, "socializing" is an adjective I just made up. It is more confusing that it's worth.)


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