Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jeff shuts up about The Wire for two seconds

And lets someone else talk about it.

Marc Singer's got one of the best blogs out there. He doesn't update daily, but when there's something new there it's always worth a look. And with a strong appreciation for both Grant Morrison and now The Wire, he likes all the right things. I'm sure I'll add a permanent link to the sidebar very soon.


Anonymous Frank said...

I appreciate that he says right up front that he's not the Beastmaster, because that's the only question I had upon hitting the link.

However, as he is not the Beastmaster, I don't have time right now to actually read his blog. Just keeping up with YOUR non-Beastmaster-related blog eats up enough of my day. If it weren't for your supporting role in Kull the Conqueror, I don't know if I'd show at all.

11:23 PM  

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