Friday, September 08, 2006

Various things on the tube

Wow! Sounds like a good day to talk about television!

We finally started watching the 3rd season of Arrested Development on DVD. I think Scott Baio's line of "Oh, I've been brought in to replace Barry Zuckerkorn before" might be the best meta-joke in the history of anything. And the bit where none of the Bluths can properly imitate a chicken might be the best running gag in the history of anything. And I might just be a huge sucker for this show, so everything I say about it should probably be seen as hyperbole. Yes, indeed. I am, at this moment, still giggling about the note Charlize Theron leaves for Dave Thomas. It's the fact that he knows what it means that kills me.

Now for some television that is still actually on the air. We at Llama School finally got around to watching the last three episodes of The 4400 featuring the return of everyone's favorite rocketeer, Billy Campbell! Uh, SPOILERS. Since it's The 4400, there's another big plot shift at the end of this season. A plot shift that is awesome. But boo to the double fake-out with Tom and Isabelle. Boo to that! We were SO EXCITED at the commercial break. We were like "He wasn't gonna shoot her and THEN HE SHOT HER! Go, show, go!" And then it came back and we were like "She LIVED? A double fake-out?!? Up yours, show!" Now we have to put up with Isabelle's shitty acting for another season. But maybe she'll be in a coma the whole time, or something. God willing. Really, the final shot of the season really emcompasses the show as a whole, since it was simultaneously pretty awesome and totally goofy. This remains the very best sort-of-bad show on television. Hey! I bet Heroes will be worse! I guess I'll find out. (I am a masochist.)

House was the first of our regular shows to premiere, and remains as delightful as always. The shake-up with House's leg working and him being friendly is a nice touch. But soon he'll be back on the drugs, because he can never quell his INNER pain. Oh, House. You nut.


Blogger Alex said...

The 4400 is hands down the strangest show on television. It carries itself like it's Lost, but it's got a lower budget than Hannah Montana. Anyway, I love it. And I totally dig any Jeffrey Combs/Rocketeer/Summer Glau scenes. It's like they all work really hard to out-weird each other.

5:17 PM  
Blogger -Laurel- said...

I still have to download the finale. I read those spoilers, but I'm still gonna watch it.
It's like the only show I put forth effort to watch even though it doesn't exactly deserve it.

The office is back soon and Battlestar later. Shows that deserve the effort - although The office is network.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Alex - Hopefully USA will kick up the budget a bit for next season, since it did so well this season, ratings-wise. Also, isn't it funny that it does so well, ratings-wise?

Man, I hope Combs and Glau are regulars next season. They're always nice to see. Also, it is awesome that they have joined Team Rocketeer. Also awesome? Possibly superpowered Natasha Gregson Wagner.

Laurel - Oh, you should definitely watch the finale. I mean, I give the show a hard time, but it's so completely up my alley.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Re: 4400 Ratings

Yeah, it's completely bizarre. 4400's an insular, self-serious, hammy sci-fi show with a *bigger* mainstream audience than nerd audience. I'm hard-pressed to think of a sci-fi show that's had a similar trajectory.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Kilworth said...

re: House, I was SO unspeakably happy that he returned to the drugs at the end. That's the great thing about that show (aside that King George III from Blackadder has now become a sex symbol in America) - it's the SAME every WEEK!!!

My friends tease me about it whenever it's on - "Hey, do you think this time, the patient will suffer from some undiagnosable condition, and at first they'll get it wrong and everyone will tell House he's really going off the deep end with the Vicadin this time, and he's going to kill someone, except then he'll suddenly figure it all out in the last ten minutes, in a really contrived "Eureka" moment (in which Hugh Laurie will get really still and his baby blues will blaze with sudden recognition) and House will win out the day???"

12:22 PM  
Blogger Kilworth said...

er, I meant George IV the Prince Regent, not George III. They were both nuts though, so what's the diff?

12:43 PM  

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