Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day!

Yeah! Labor!

Friday night Kim came over and we had dinner and watched Clone High on into the night, because we could. Now the "Makeover" song's stuck in my head. Also, all the songs from the rock opera episode.

Saturday morning Kim and I headed out to Huntington Beach for some old-timey Civil War re-enactment-y goodness. It was all pretty fascinating, really, although there was also a lot of sitting around. Still, the battles were cool (fact: cannons are loud) and Kim got all dressed up in her dressy-dress so that was nice too. We headed back to LA in the early evening, unfortunately a little too late to catch Sam's play with Frank and McKenna, so we wound up watching Brick. I am pleased to report that my enthusiasm for that movie was not unfounded. It's a slick piece of work.

Sunday Kim headed home to y'know, actually be at home awhile, so I finished up season 2 of The Wire (told you!) with Emory and Leslie. Emory, it turns out, had never watched the season 2 finale. He enjoyed this season a lot more the second time through, as did I. It's still the weakest season, but it's great TV. After that I headed over to Mike's to watch the Cocktail edition of Rifftrax. It was pretty funny, although Cocktail is ridiculous enough that it almost provides its own comedy. Then we (Mike, Aimme, Corinne, and I, later to be joined by Paul and Laurel) headed to dinner and then to the Troubador (sans Laurel) to see The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players, who proved to be delightful. I went to the concert on a whim, really, and was quite pleasantly surprised. The opening acts were intermitently horrible, but the Trachtenbergs were a good time. Definitely glad I went. Afterwards we went back to my place (sans Aimee) and watched the entire first disc of the first season of Arrested Development. That show is the good stuff.

Monday we at Llama School hosted an Infernal Affairs marathon, showing all three films in the series in one go. Infernal Affairs is the HK film that's been remade by Martin Scorcese as The Departed. IA is DAMN AWESOME, so hopefully the remake will do all right. Kim came over after the first movie, so I skipped out with her to see The Illusionist, which is totally serviceable and completely derivative. And you can see the ending coming from a million miles away. But it was all decent enough. A thoroughly average entertainment. After the movie a large group of us headed out to dinner at House of Pies, then a few of us went back to Llama School and watched The Mothman Prophecies. Man, how'd that movie ever get greenlit? It is just straight-up WEIRD. It's creepy as hell and very well-directed and acted, but it's just so damn odd. But I like it a lot. Plus, Mothman jokes are always funny. "Chapstick," y'all!

Thus ends my short essay on what I did with my Labor Day weekend.


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