Friday, December 08, 2006

The Celery Stalks at Midnight

I know the posting has been light this week. Just haven't summoned the energy for it, I guess.

But anyway, Bunnicula. My mom emailed me earlier this week to tell me that she had been reading it to her class, and had just gotten to the part where Chester and Harold try to pound a steak through Bunnicula's heart. Mom remembered that I loved that sequence as a kid. The best part is that it remains funny TO THIS DAY. Bunnicula, asleep and all wrapped up in a huge cut of meat, Chester furiously and futiley pounding on the steak with his little kitty paws, tyring to drive it into the bunny's chest... and then the owners walk in! That's comedy gold, folks. Bunnicula is the shit.

And then Paul brought up Howliday Inn yesterday on Begum apropos of nothing. I guess it's a Bunnicula sort of week.


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