Monday, December 04, 2006

The weekend, plus a day

Thursday night Lindsay, Frank and I headed up to Northridge to see the touring Second City sketch show, featuring Laura. The show was funny overall, although pretty much every poltical sketch was a bomb (note to the writers: saying "Up yours, Mr. President!" is not partciularly funny nor helpful), but all the performers were great, especially Laura. During and after the show I was struck with inexplicable and excrutiating abdominal pain, which mercifully wore off by the time we were back in Hollywood. Have no idea what that was about. It didn't seem digestion-related.

After the show we wanderd about Northridge awhile, wondering where to go. Northridge is not know for its Thursday nightlife. But we finally wound up at El Compadre back in Hollywood, minus Lindsay and plus a friend of Laura's who had recently moved to LA. We had a few drinks and it was a delight to see Laura, as always.

Friday night Emory and I spent the early evening watching the original ECW revival PPV One Night Stand, back before they decided to bring back the brand permanently. It was awesome, and turned out to be the wrestling highlight of the weekend, unfortunately. But more on that later.

Mike and Corinne came over at the tail end of One Night Stand, soon to be followed by Paul and Liz. Emory went to bed and we broke out the Guitar Hero. Have I mentioned that I occasionally dream in Guitar Hero? Not a good sign. Frank came over too, and hung out for a bit longer than everyone else.

I woke up ass-early on Saturday to hand over my ailing car to Peter for a shoot he's doing, only to belatedly realize that we couldn't get the car out of the garage since Leslie has the only opener and she was at work. I apologized profusely and went back to bed.

Paul and Frank came over during the day and we worked on some new buttons for The Atrox, to try and make the main page look a little less like a shitty Blogger template. I think we did okay. It looks better, certainly. We'll see how they go over.

That night Paul and I headed over to Darren and Amy's new house (conveniently right by Frank's place!) for their holiday Gloog party. Gloog reminds me of wassail. Perhaps they are related. We knew next to no one there, so I spent most of my time chatting with Chandler, since Darren and Amy were both amusingly bombed by the time we arrived. Danny and Katherine showed up eventually, as well as Lindsay, Liz, and Corinne, but I'd pretty much had my fill of the party by that point, so Paul and I headed over to Hollywood House's Period Party. Frank and Laura wound up there, as well, so I got a chance to (drunkenly) say goodbye to her. It was a decent time but alcohol and my early awakening that morning conspired against me, so we headed home.

Sunday was the big ECW PPV December to Dismember, which had a ridiculously disappointing main event. Nice one, WWE. I mean, I know Rob Van Dam is on the outs, so I knew he wouldn't win. But nothing that went on in the Extreme Elimination Chamber lends itself to further storylines. Sure, Bobby Lashley beat Big Show, but Big Show is retiring soon due to health problems. So I guess Lashley will fued with Test? Lashley him down with almost no problem, so he doesn't really seem like a credible threat. What are CM Punk and RVD going to be doing? Nice move making CM Punk look stupid, by the way, WWE. After all, he's only your biggest rising star, so naturally he should be the first dude out of the chamber. And RVD made the pin there, so CM Punk won't even have a villain to get revenge on. Just a big fat mess. At least the opening tag match was good and the Knox/Thorn match was perversely entertaining. Thanks to Corinne, Paul, Aimee, Ben and Laurel for coming out and watching with us. I had a good time with everybody there. Shame the main event was such a bust.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I totally forgot about December to Dismember. I totally meant to show up after work. Apologize to Emory for me, will ya?


1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, I totally use the word totally too much.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Don't worry, Mike. The only thing "EXTREME" was the disappointment.

6:15 PM  

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