Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Why we are going to hell

Sunday night Frank, Emory, Matt and I were hanging around the apartment. Matt had just gone down to his apartment to check on something, and entered our front door with the news that Christopher Reeve had died. We all were shocked and saddened and hung our heads low.

Then about two minutes later we came up with our website idea.

It would be a public service announcement informing the public about the four NEW Christopher Reeves that had sprung up after the original's death. While Cyborg Christopher Reeve, Suit-of-armor Christopher Reeve, Vigilante Christopher Reeve and Teenage Christopher Reeve did indeed seem to resemble the one true Christopher Reeve in appearance and/or deed, we would urge the public to not jump to any conclustions until all the facts were in. It was Emory who suggested that Cyborg Christopher Reeve's first act would be to dig up the corpse of the horse who threw him and hurl it into space. Our info site would be called www.reignofthechristopherreeves.com.

If there's a hell for geeks, we're going there. Although I like to think our little jest was born from the deeply-held belief that as far as film and television were concerned, Reeve was the One True Superman.

If you have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about, try clicking here.


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