Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's Weekend in comics

Any weekend that starts with getting off work two hours early is A-OK by me. Remember, "Everything's Awesome in 2006!"

I took advantage of my short workday to visit Meltdown, my new neighborhood comic store. Meltdown, of course, rules. Now I can go there ALL THE TIME. Did I mention that I am also flush with cash? I am flush with cash. I used some of it on superfluous comic spending. Merry Christmas to me.

I got Black Hole, the "Warriors" arc of Ultimate Spider-Man, the first volume of Ultimates 2 for Emory as a belated Christmas gift, and the second issue of X-Factor.

Black Hole, the story of a bizarre, disfiguring STD that spreads among a small town's teenaged populace, is as good as its considerable hype. The artwork is gorgeous, to boot.

For those who have soured on Ultimate Spider-Man (and I was one of you, having skipped out on buying the last two lackluster trades), I will say that "Warriors" puts the title back in the ballgame. Big action setpieces, gratuitous guest-stars (Moon Knight! Irons Fist! Shang-Chi! Elektra! The Black Cat!), and genuinely funny dialogue from Spider-Man himself. The conclusion to Spidey and the Black Cat's flirtation is comedy gold. Between this arc and the delightful Ultimate Spider-Man annual earlier this year, clearly breaking Peter and MJ up was the best thing to happen to this book in quite some time. This arc is good old-fashioned superhero-adventure-soap-opeara, and that's why we read Ultimate Spider-Man in the first place, right? Right.

Ultimates 2 is not a letdown from Ultimates 1. In this arc, the Ultimates have to beat up on Thor, who is apparently insane. OR IS HE???? Awesome, as always. Best straight-up action comic on the stands.

X-Factor, two issues in, is already my favorite X-title. It has a pretty strong hook: Madrox expands his detetive agency with one long-term goal in mind - finding out why 90 percent of the mutant population suddenly lost their powers one day. It teams the cast of the Madrox miniseries along with some other B-list X-folk who are beloved to me (Siryn, M, and a depowered Rictor), sets up a rival firm (the sinister Singularity Investigations), and has an intriguing twist (Jamie Madrox may literally be his own worst enemy). It's a great book.

(Y'know, I was going to use this comic bit as a start to a post about my weekend as a whole, but I rapidly realized no one would want to wade through my comic book ramblings just to get to a few paragrpahs about my mad, roller-coaster existence, so now it's two separate posts. YOU'RE WELCOME.)


Blogger jenni_powell said...

I'd like to borrow Black Hole at some point, it sounds interesting. And I love me some disfiguring STDs!

11:35 AM  
Blogger ryansenseless said...

ultmiates 2 is excellent. it just keeps building up the pressure on the team until there's nowhere else to go (or at least until the most recent issue).

6:26 PM  

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