Thursday, April 06, 2006

Things that don't make me irrationally angry

Made it to Meltdown yesterday, and I got two FINE COMICS. All-Star Superman #3 is like if Grant Morrison and the Silver Age had a baby, and that baby was gorgeously illustrated. It's silly and fun and wonderful. Planetary #25 has serious revelations and serious beatdowns, and is a nice change of pace from last issue which, let's fac it, was just a recap for the slow kids. The origin of the Four is rad as hell. "It's an adventure." Awesome. It should be noted that Planetary is the only entertainment on earth where a team of archaeologists battles a team of explorers for the fate of all humankind. God knows when we'll see the last two issues, but this one reaffirmed my love of the series.

I also took a moment to flip through the new issue of Infinite Crisis. Nice try, Johns, but no. This might be one of the only "event" miniseries on record where the tie-ins were superior to the actual series.

The Eisner nominees just got announced, and Warren Ellis could very well win Best Writer, to his unending disinterest. I'm rooting for Morrison myself, but you knew that. The nominees for best artist/inker are pretty much all my favorite working comic artists, so good luck on getting me to pick a favorite there. It's a weak year for beat "Serialized Story", since the Y: The Last Man arc was hardly that series's best, and the other noms are pretty lackluster. Fables will probably win again, cementing that title as "Most Overrated Book on the Market". Seriously, if you didn't guess the Adversary's identity during "March of the Wooden Soldiers," you're a dumbass.


Anonymous Frank said...

"This might be one of the only 'event' miniseries on record where the tie-ins were superior to the actual series."

I am skeptical of this claim, since event miniseries are so often (perhaps, almost always) totally dumb. So surely the odds of ideas and plot points from the events being better-handled in issues of related series published simultaneously in the same continuity are pretty good.

I can provide, however, not a single example. I feel an argument that "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" and Morrison's "Animal Man" qualify as "tie-ins" to Crisis on Infinite Earths will sound like a desperately thin one.

And I NEVER make those.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd rather hear about the things that do make you irrationally angry.


7:02 PM  

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