Monday, May 01, 2006

Too much wild, wild life

It is a scar of the weekend, and its myriad adventures.

I knew the weekend was going to be okay when I got home from work on Friday and watched an episode of Degrassi: TNG where Emma goes all crazy after the shooting and starts going down on Jay only to get gonnorhea from him. Degrassi is just the greatest.

Then Kim called out of the blue to see if I wanted to get dinner, so we went to Bossa Nova and caught up. I hadn't seen Kim in forever, so it was great to chat with her again. I invited her to come to Liz's birthday party, but she had to get up and go to her new job, so she passed.

Liz's party was moved to the Three of Clubs at the last minute, due to a private party being held at the White Horse. This was okay, since it meant I could just walk over there when Kim left. Unfortunately it meant that I got a call from Lindsay wondering where everyone was. Whoops. Sorry, Lindsay. Anyway, there were some drinks, a little dancing, a decent time on the whole. I think Liz enjoyed herself. Did you enjoy yourself, Liz?

Saturday was just plain ol' kickass. Earlier that week Frank, Paul, and I had made vague plans with the Westside crew to go out bowling. Ultimately they decided to head to All Star Lanes. That place has been TRANSFORMED. They were doing renovations the last time I was there, but they really classed up the place. By which I mean they added carpeting and decent lighting. Anyway, we bowled a few games (we being me, Paul, Chandler, Lindsay, Will, and Nell) and as usual I started out sucky, remembered how to bowl, did pretty well, then went back in the toilet as my arm got tired. Still, it was good times.

Afterwards we went to get dinner, and ended up at Senior Fish, where I had the greatest quesidilla created by man. I had forgotten how excellent that place was. Once dinner was over we were at a bit of a loss at what to do next, but then the idea of just heading back to All Star for karaoke was put forth, and everyone was into it. So back down Eagle Rock we went. Turns out Roger had returned to run the karaoke, and he still thought I was still a student at Oxy. And he still sung "Because I Got High." The bar had been rennovated too, and a lot more space had been added, which seemed unnecessary, since even on Saturday night the place was sparsely populated.

Anyway, once we got there we called whoever we could think of, so Mike, Rob, Yaiza, Frank, Marge, Brooke, and Kim all showed up, too. It RULED. There was another small group of people there, but only one or two of them actually sung, so we sort of had the run of the bar, like the good old days. To those who weren't there, we should go back sometime.

Afterwards some of us went back to Frank's place to hang out. I drove Brooke back in her car since she had had a bit to drink and I strained my already-overtaxed voice by singing along with a mix CD she had. By the time we got to Frank's it was late enough that several people (me included) conked out not long after sitting down. Laurel and Alan came over as well, and Alan dumped water on my crotch as I slept. Asshole.

Now I think I'm getting sick or something. My throat's sore and I have the sniffles. Stupid fun weekend, getting me sick.


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