Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And yet more television

Solid Family Guy and American Dad episodes on Sunday. Thought I might have more to say about that? You'd be wrong.

The second episode of Studio 60 was a vast improvement, with Amanda Peet bugging me very little. Unfortunately Sarah Paulson was right there to pick up the slack. It's not that her performance is poor, it's just off. At this point I don't think there's any way that the woman being portrayed here would be the break-out female star of a wacky sketch comedy show. No way. She was so much less animated than everyone else during the musical number. And speaking of the musical number, Sorkin should probably avoid showing the actual sketches in the future if they're all going to be an unconvincing and unfunny as that one. But still, a vastly better effort all around. Whitford and Perry are fantastic.

I nodded off before the Heroes pilot ended, but I enjoyed what I saw. Not a lot to complain about, but I didn't think there was that much to get worked up about, either. Some of the characters are already grating (I'm looking at you, flying brothers and tortured, drug-addicted artist), but a few are charming. I'm particularly enamored with the Japanese guy. It was also a good move to have many of the characters already know they had powers. And the scene where the cheerleader tucks her ribs back into place gets 1,000 points.

It seems that the geekification of America conintues, since Heroes saw strong initial ratings. I'm actually pretty surprised by that.


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