Thursday, October 28, 2004

And I thought I was cynical

Well, I've got nothing on Tom Spurgeon, who recently started a website called The Comics Reporter. In one of his first commentaries, he issues an open letter responding to Dirk Deppey's recent articles on NuMarvel, which I referred to you earlier, so you'll pardon me if I don't link to them again. Sorry, but I'm lazy.

He makes some good points, not the least of which is how Marvel editorial is shaping its line to be more marketable to Hollywood, which certainly accounts for the rather heinous immediate retcon of Magneto's death in New X-Men just a few months later in Excalibur. And he does point out the rather glaring error Deppey makes in painting Morrison as some crazy Vertigo outsider when he took over X-Men, without mentioning Morrison's run on JLA.

I actually want to get into this a bit more, but there's some Morrison quotes I want to look up and they're not online and the magazine's at home. Later, I'm sure.


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