Sunday, October 24, 2004

Best voiceover ever

Remember how I said Ron Howard's Arrested Development voiceover was helpful and enjoyable? On the second disc of the first season it moved up to hilarious. When Jessie the Evil Publicist calls Michael's son "Opie," the action freezes and the voiceover cuts in, noting "Jessie has crossed the line, and had better watch her mouth." Ha! The best part is that he says like he does all the narration, with an even, matter-of-fact voice. It's just gold.

I could honestly see some of these scripts working as Simpsons episodes. You know, if the Simpsons were even remotely funny anymore. That's right, I said it.

Man, and then Carl Weathers shows up for a few episodes playing himself, and he won't shut up about stew..."We're just two adults getting our stew on!" It's the funniest show in a zillion years. Or whenever UCB went off the air.


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