Monday, October 02, 2006

"It's like this movie is just about looking at penises off-camera"

So said Emory about Dirty Pretty Things, a movie we watched this weekend and both enjoyed, but that did seem to feature a rather significant number of off-screen penises. But it's a good movie on the whole. While the screenplay can be a bit too on-the-nose occasionally, there's a fine lead performance by my man-crush Chiwetel Ejiofor, so that's all right.

This weekend was also the farewell party for Adam and Liz. It was a nice time, and I'll miss those crazy kids. But I'm sure they'll do quite well for themselves in Jersey.

As one married couple departs, another come in to take their place, since Danny and Katherine have moved out to LA. Now we can totally exploit Danny's technical prowess! Oh, and it'll be nice to have him around and all.

The Top Gun Rifftrax was another winner. I'm glad these are coming out so well. Afterwards Mike, Paul, Aimee, and Corinne came over to watch The Wire and stuck around for a few episode of The Mighty Boosh, a British series that's occasionally too weird for its own good but did give me the endlessly excellent quote "Are you still an erotic adventurer?" so it all evens out.


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