Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mayday! Mayday!

While I was not actually present, Emory and Leslie reported that the screening of our 24-hour film went very well. I managed to make it to the Hollywood House after my play last night and everyone was very complimentary. Oh, I'm so relieved! There was much worrying that no one would find it the least bit entertaining. But everyone seemed to dig it, especially Emory and Frank's performances. Hooray! So let me just get a jump on the trash-talking for next year's competition: Next Mayday, the Paul Cibis Memorial Team Memorial Team will OWN YOUR ASSES. OWN THEM.

You have been warned.

I did get to see most of the other films this morning, and it was a good crop this year. Team Ficus cracks me up. I think "It depends on the baby" was robbed for best line. Also, Psychic Bunny should just bite the bullet and create a "Most Misogynistic" category.

It should be noted that Emory watched Team Lower Gatsby's "The Richter Agenda" entry from last time, and said it was the best overall entry from either competition. I'm still surprised how well that one turned out. And it looks really good, to boot!


Blogger jenni_powell said...

In my humble opinion, "I shall Scrabble no more!" totally should have gotten best line...

8:13 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

If your team had been eligible, I think Emory would have been a shoe-in for best actor. The man turns in a tour-de-force like none I've ever witnessed before. Also, you Emory was totally throwing a fit outside my house. WTF?! Awesome.

I look forward to next competition which is looking like it'll be in November.

6:10 PM  
Blogger jenni_powell said...

Emory would have taken "best actor" for sure...though Frank was also would have been a tough decision.

Alan, you totally got PUNKED!

9:26 PM  

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