Monday, June 06, 2005

Movies! (and some TV)

Leslie and I did the math the other day, and realized we hadn't seen a film in the theater since Sin City. Which is why I'm pleased to report that this weekend Hollywood is finally getting around to releasing not one but TWO movies I'm actually interested in seeing.

First, there's Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which will hopefully be an at least passably entertaining popcorn flick. In the very least, it will feature the world's two prettiest people shooting at each other for two hours. There are worse things.

Second, and more importantly, Howl's Moving Castle opens this weekend, and will most likely be awesome because, well, Miyazaki tends to regularly make animated masterpieces. So. Anyway, it's the first movie I've been truly excited about for about 2 1/2 months. I'll be glad to return to the multiplex.

Meanwhile, in the land of TV...

The first season of Entourage was a pleasant enough diversion for most of its run, but got considerably more interesting as it progressed, as it shifted focus from "Oh damn, we're at this awesome party!" to "Maybe Eric's completely out of his league, here." I'm pleased to report that the 2nd season premiere picks up where the first season left off, and the focus has remained on Eric's role as Vince's manager and the nuts-and-bolts of Vince's career. (The detail that Vince may need to star in an Aquaman movie in order to maintain his career trajectory was particularly amusing.) So a nice strong showing for Entourage.

The Comeback, however, is just more depressing than anything else. Imagine all the uncomfortableness of The Office without the laughs or sympathetic characters! Really, shows like this just make you show what an impressive balancing act The Office was able to pull off.


Blogger Alan said...

I pretty much agree with you on last night's hour of HBO. Aquaman is perhaps the perfect super hero for Entourage to have selected as a joke. He's just well known enough, but also widely laughed at. Last night's premiere was promising. I'm chomping at the bit for next episode.

You're absolutely right about The Comeback. I got a kick out of some of the inside jokes regarding reality tv, but the show just isn't that funny. I'm willing to give it another shot or two, as I think it just might need to pick up some steam and develop a little further, but not a strong start out of the gate.

6:07 PM  
Blogger jenni_powell said...

I WANT TO SEE Howl's Moving Castle SOOOO BAD!

Saturday? Please?

9:23 PM  

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